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Freed Taxidermy is a full service wildlife taxidermy studio serving hunters and fishermen in the greater Lansing, Michigan area. Taxidermy has become an art form with a few wildlife artists standing above the rest. These are the individuals you should seek out to care for your trophies. Through continuing education, I will continue to be the best I can to deliver the very best in quality.

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Welcome to Freed Taxidermy.  My name is Troy Freed and I have a long history of working with furs.  I grew up trapping and hunting with my dad and uncles where this experience taught me how to skin and stretch at a young age.  Taxidermy is my passion and I am lucky enough to be able to do it for a living.

Here at Freed Taxidermy we are dedicated to providing you with a lasting memory of that special hunting or fishing trip. We strive to provide a quality piece that you will be proud to display in your home or office. 

We can customize your trophy to meet your personal desires and expectation, offering full body mounts, head mounts, rugs, pedestal, custom scenery mounts and more. Trophies are not necessarily a monster fish or deer; it is any specimen that gives you a special memory to reflect upon. Your children will cherish that trip with Dad or Mom when they look at mounts years later. 

So bring your memory alive at Freed Taxidermy with the mounting of your specimen, and I promise it will look like it did when you caught it, shot it, or found your personal trophy. So from Freed Taxidermy, good hunting and fishing and hope to have you stop by and tell me your story in person.


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Name:  Troy Freed

Telephone: 517-402-3342
Postal address: 4999 Waldorf Rd., Delton, MI
Electronic mail:

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